Which Wheelchair?

How do you decide which wheelchair would be best for you? If it has a seat, back rest, foot pedals and brakes does it need to have more? Well, not if you are just going to leave it set in a garage to let the grand kids play with. (By the way most of these are transport chairs.) If you need one for yourself you would be wise to check a bit further than the discount sites.

Information Overload

I have learned that there are manual, rigid, transport, stair climbing, outdoor power, dog, sport wheelchairs and the list goes on.

Overwhelmed? I have simplified the information for you. Just check out the section you want to know more about.

If you need a sports chair there are several on the market to give you the edge you are looking for. Did you know there are 24 paralympic sporting events and 14 more sports that you can participate in? See which sports chair is right for you.

Independence Or Dependence

I am an occupational therapy assistant and love the challenge of helping people like you find the right chair. It is unfortunate that most people are not even aware of the different types.

Independence depends upon several things. Are you needing to get to school, college, work or staying at home to care for your family? Check out if a rigid wheelchair will work for you.

Consider This

If you can't propel yourself, but can think for yourself you may be able to use a power chair.

Do you love the outdoors but don't think there is a chair that will take you where you want to go then read about the outdoor power chair.

Service After The Sale

Some companies are out there just to make a quick sale and then there are those that have the trained technicians to assist with the proper chair selection. How do you decide what you want? More important is what you need from your chair.

I have done the research for you. Just take a look at what you need to know by clicking on any of the links on this page.

I Can't Afford It

Not to worry, the information is on the next page - see what your insurance company or medicare is looking for.

Need more information? Check out any of the links about the different types of wheelchairs and their benefits.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us with your questions.

Types Of Wheelchairs
Did you know there are many different types of wheelchairs? To learn about the various types and their uses check it out.
Sports Wheelchair
You've heard of the sports wheelchair for basketball, but have you heard of quad rugby?
Paralympics, wheelchair sports, sport wheelchairs
Paralympics means parallel to the Olympics. Wheelchair sports for the disabled
Horizontal X-Brace
Dick Rogers team has introduced a patented horizontal x-brace adjustable wheelchair. Eliminate the clutter in your skilled nursing facility with this new chair design.
Outdoor Power Chairs
Hot summer to cold winter, there are outdoor power chairs made to get you where you want to go.
All Terrain Wheelchair
The RoughRider All Terrain Wheelchair is available in the US and with the BOGO program you are helping someone in a develooping country enjoy mobility as well at no additional cost.
Wheelchair Safety With Power Chairs
Wheelchair safety, users have many choices, did you consider this...
Choosing The Right Wheelchair
Choosing the right wheelchair includes measuring doorways, knowing what accessories it comes with, and where you need to go in your home.
Wheelchair Archery
The arrow that lit the olympic torch came from wheelchair archery paralympian Antonio Rebollo.
Wheelchair Badminton
Wheelchair badminton gains popularity as the sport is off to a good start at the 4 Nations Parabadminton Games 2011 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.
Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair basketball - it's history and popularity make it what it is today.
Wheelchair Fencing
Wheelchair fencing is a combat sport using bladed weapons.
Handcycling is growing in popularity and cyclists can many times race at the same time as abled bodied cyclists in a class of their own.
Wheelchair Accessible Hunting
Wheelchair accessible hunting requires special equipment and a love of the outdoors. Some clubs have guides to help you load your game on your truck.
Quad Rugby
Quad rugby athletes are up for a challenge every time they are on the court. One of the fastest growing new sports to enter the paralympic arena
Adaptive Skiing
Adaptive skiing events include the Slalom, Super G and more. Skiers can use the sit-ski or mono ski to participate in the sport and enjoy the speed many racers enjoy today.
Ski Types for Disabled Athletes
Mono-skis to sit-skis and more there are ski types for beginners to the serious athlete.
Wheelchair Soccer And Power Soccer
One of the hottest, new sports today is wheelchair soccer also called power soccer. Recently created for power wheelchair users it is growing in popularity.
Wheelchair Softball
Wheelchair softball originated in the Midwest and has since spread across the nation.
Wheelchair Tennis
Getting started in wheelchair tennis is easy-just check your local park and recreation listings for accessible courts.
Contact Page
This is our contact page to ask a question or leave a comment for wheelchair information only.
Wheelchair News
Wheelchair news from around the globe just for you.
Wheelchair Blog
This blog introduces you to manual and power wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, customized, accessorized, stairclimbing and even wheelchairs for dogs. Check out my blog for more information.
Link Partners
This is where you can find my link partners for wheelchairs, accessories and more.
God's Plan For Me
Read about me and how God's plan led me to become an occupational therapy assistant and has led me to write a website about wheelchairs.
Wheelchair Survey
Here is a wheelchair survey for you to help improve your sports chair.
Home Accessibility
Home accessibility includes entrance ramps, room accomodations, furniture considerations, space availability
Fall Prevention
Fall prevention awareness means tuning in to the small modifications you can make in your home.
Women In Wheelchairs
Be amazed at the beautiful women in wheelchairs, share in their stories and learn from their experiences.
People In Wheelchairs
People in wheelchairs can customize their look and style, now more than ever
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Read how I made a difference the in the life of a skilled nursing facilities resident.
Merry Walker Use in Skilled Nursing
Merry walkers can benefit nursing home residents even though they are considered restraints.
Wheelchair Clothing And Adaptive Clothing Designs
If you are looking for wheelchair clothing or special needs clothing you need to consider the type of clothing and the person's abilities.
Custom Wheelchair Clothing
Custom wheelchair clothing is made to fit you with your measurements taken at home.
History Of Wheelchairs
Many want to claim fame, read about the history of wheelchairs. Compare the early Bath wheelchairs to the Hand Racing Wheelchairs of today.
Wheelchair Transportation
There are many kinds of wheelchair transportation solutions. Here is some information that can help you decide what will work best for you.
Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions bring freedom to many in wheelchairs, whether driving or riding, side/rear entry ramps or lifts made seamless to the untrained eye.
Wheelchair Ramps
Lightweight, portable, wood, aluminum, steel are all words describing wheelchair ramps.
ADA Compliance Ramps
ADA Compliance ramps require all new ramps to have a 1:12 ratio. The PVA has on staff architects to help veterans with design assistance.
Handicapped Lifts
Changing from one surface to another can be daunting unless you are aware of the handicapped lifts available.
Power Wheelchairs And Medicare Guidelines
What does medicare need to know to pay for a wheelchair?
Wheelchair Letter
Wheelchair letter writing can be overwhelming if you don't know what to include.
Wheelchair Accessories
Wheelchair accessories make life easier for the wheelchair user. How do you know which will work best for you.
Wheelchair Wheels
Understanding the basics about wheelchair wheels will help you decide what you need.
Wheelchair Hand Rims
What hand rims you choose depends upon how much grip and mobility you have.
Wheelchair Backpack
A wheelchair backpack for school, shopping or laundry needs to be convenient and easy to use.
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology includes Augmentative and Alternative Communication-can be low or high tech for written and oral communication needs.
Wheelchair Battery
A wheelchair battery needs to be powerful enough to operate the wheelchair and any assistive technology such as a ventilator.
Styles Of Wheelchair Cushions
Think outside the box when it comes to wheelchair cushions. Don't get caught up in the 90/90/90 rule of positioning.
Choosing The Proper Wheelchair Cushions
Choosing proper fitting wheelchair cushions without considering the individual is like putting the cart before the horse.
Seating Positioning With Kyphosis
Seating positioning with kyphosis can be challenging. Here are some things to consider...
Scoliosis Seating Challenges
Scoliosis seating challenges for those in wheelchairs, require a look at the pelvis and the spine.
Mobility, Safety And Alzheimer’s
Mobility, safety and Alzheimer's can be a challenging combination in a long term care facility.
Pet Wheelchairs
Pet wheelchairs help to keep your pet happy and active while recovering from surgery or have problems with walking or running.
Dogs With Spinal Cord Injury May Be Helped With Experimental Drug
Dogs with spinal cord injury may be helped with experimental drug at Texas A&M
Qualifying For A Power Scooter Or Power Mobility Device
Before you purchase a power wheel chair or power scooter find out what you need to know.

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