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Wheelchair News, Issue #011 --Prototypes Need Testers
December 11, 2011

Prototypes Need Testers

As we are always looking for the latest technology to make our lives easier we must remember that some things need tweaking many times before the product is ready for the final consumer.

The latest invention displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show looks like an oversized set of head phones, but provides the wheelchair user with the power to travel a distance with the use of lithium-ion charged batteries. The unit has a 24 volt electric charged hub that attaches to each wheelchair wheel.

The WHILL provides you with a new driving experience. The makers report it is easily removable and you will have more convenience and fun without becoming exhausted going a distance.

With a top speed of just over 12 mph the wheelchair is steered by the rider simply leaning in the direction they want to go. The force is detected by the connecting arch which then independently adjusts the speeds of the drive motors accordingly.

The WHILL is still in the prototype phase at this point, but its creators are looking for wheelchair users to test it out so they can further refine its design before turning it into a commercial product.

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