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Wheelchair News, Issue #17 Diving and Artist roles combined for something beyond the ordinary
June 22, 2013
Greetings Readers!

Artist and Wheelchair Diving Combined

Free Spirit is matched by her enthusiasm to explore and create the most unusual art form and to be a part of it by being the canvas and artist all in one! Wow! Sue Austin has amazed many with her patent pending wheelchair which allows her to experience the underwater world to dive or create visual artwork that one can only imagine.

Never let it be said that women can’t dream and make their dreams come true to experience the most unique situations. By dreaming and using her artistic and creative ability she has teamed up with others to create something most unusual and impressive! If you can dream it – it can happen!

To read more about Sue Austin copy and paste "Creating the Spectacle" into your browser.

What an inspiration to anyone that when you want to accomplish something persistence will pay off.



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