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Wheelchair News, Issue #003 -- Razorblade, Hammer, Zephyr, Chump and Little Dipper
August 13, 2011

What Is In A Name?

Razorblade, Hammer, Zephyr, Chump, and Little Dipper--Just what do these names have in common?

They are wheelchairs for active individuals made by Colours N Motion Wheelchair. The names describe versatile, powerful, fast, and friendly. Now just imagine what they look like!

The Colours 'N Motion Wheelchair company introduced the first lightweight rigid wheelchair in 1992 weighing in at 16 lbs.

Two of their most outstanding contributions to wheelchairs are their four wheel independent suspension wheelchair called the BOING! ,and a super lightweight wheelchair named the Zephyr weighing in at a mere 14.5 lbs.


A-Arm Suspension

The a-arm suspension is the key to the comfort and security you feel when you ride in the "Boing!" With a lifetime warranty that includes the springs and shocks, you know that this wheelchair is one that can accommodate your lifestyle whether you're going to work, camping or dancing.


As with all of the Colours 'N Motion line of wheelchairs, the "Boing!" is fully adjustable. Whether you like having your seat positioned conservatively or radically, the "Boing!" will accommodate your every need.


Versatile & Desirable

The "Zephyr" can be used for every day, tennis or basketball.

The Perfect Body

The "Zephyr's" options are endless. Exact measurements can be in increments. From customer seat depth to its custom center of gravity built right into the frame, the "Zephyr" will accommodate the most demanding customers. By being unique in its own aspect each "Zephyr" built can be truly considered a work of art. "Zephyr" is a unique wheelchair that is made exclusively in the USA by Colours 'N Motion. With its ultra-lightweight design starting at 14.5 lbs. (including rear wheels) to its remarkable fit, the "Zephyr" is truly a one of a kind creation.

Bite Locking Hubs

This style of hubs can eliminate the hand brakes and will fit on Y360 Billet (all styles) and on standard spoke wheels. When you engage the locking lever the Bite locking pins lock in to the receiver, assuring a secure and stable chair.

With all the choices on the market today, it can be hard to decide what chair will best fit your lifestyle.

Why would I write an article about Colours N Motion? Why not? They have some pretty cool chairs and I think others may find something that will be built unique to them and no one else. If you want to check out what they have just go to their website.

Working in a skilled nursing home I see more folding wheelchairs with mag wheels and plastic hand rims. Convincing the administrators to try new things, such as the new natural fit hand rims, is an uphill battle. I can only keep trying.

Drop me a line and let me know what you want to know more about. I enjoy hearing from everyone.

Your friend,


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P.S. Next week I will share with you how to measure yourself so you can get clothing designed specifically for you.

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