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Wheelchair News, Issue #006 --Custom Fit Clothing Designs for Wheelchair Users
September 10, 2011

Fashion clothing designed and made to measure just for you. Can it get any better than that?

Custom Fit Clothing For Wheelchair Users

When shopping becomes a challenge for clothing, spirits can be low. When we look good we tend to feel good.

There are a few clothing designers who know how to make you look good while in your wheelchair.

Women's Pants And Jeans

Wheelchair clothing is designed to allow additional room in the pants at the hips and back for coverage with a variety of styles from front zippers extending to inner mid-thigh to angled zippers for necessary catheter adjustments.

Women's Tops And Blouses

Shirts feature an A Line cut with slits at the side for ease in fit which allows them to lie nicely at the hem. Blouses can be made out of stretch cotton/poplin material. The A Line style with slits allows for comfort and room at the hips.

Caplets and Shawls can dress up any look while providing warmth at the same time.

Special Occasion Dresses And Wedding Gowns

If you are looking for an evening dress for a special occasion you want your dress to fit you perfectly. By removing the bulk from the front of the dress and boning and elastic detail at the back your dress will have a more flexible fit. The hemline is also altered for the seated position so you look fabulous.

Don't Forget The Man In Your Life!

Heading out to the ball game your man can put on his jacket with ease in two pieces, and a strap at the waist helps keep it in place.

Men's Suit Jackets And Outerwear Jackets

Suit jackets are made to cover at the front and sides removing the bulk in the back for a comfortable fit.

Outerwear jackets and coats are designed to provide coverage in the front and sides, just meeting the chair at the back for a comfortable fit.

Men's Jeans And Slacks

Like women’s slacks, they are cut higher in the back and lower in the front with a longer zipper; elastic can be added for additional comfort.

Khakis are made with a higher back and lower front with a longer zipper. The front pockets have zippers to decrease gaping while in the seated position.

Men's Shirts

The A Line Cut makes a comfortable shirt for men providing a relaxed fit at the waist and hips.

Bath Capes And Robes For Men And Women

Bath capes have hoods, are made of terry cloth and are cut for front and side coverage eliminating the excess in the back so you are comfortable while waiting for your shower or needing to dry off.

Bathrobes are cut for the seated position providing coverage at the front and sides when seated.

How To Measure Yourself

Taking measurements has never been easier. Watch the video with instructions from Izzy Camilleri. All measurements should be taken from a seated position.

Measurements for women include the bust, waist, hips, shoulders, front to back waist, arm length (bent), leg length (bent) and torso length. Although a video demonstration for men is not offered, the measurements would be the same.

Clothing offered is made to order and her company does alterations as well. Sleeve guards eliminate the need for having to wear short or ¾ length sleeves. They are water repellent protecting your clothing from rain and snow damage.

Custom Fit Clothing

Although custom fit clothing may appear higher priced initially, consider all of the sweat pant style clothing, gowns and elastic and Velcro fasteners for easier access that you currently have in your closet. They are nice for lounging at home, but do they really make you look and feel good when you want to go out?

You may want to invest in a few outfits which can be worn with a mix and match system giving you several “looks” to wear. Looking good is always important to each one of us, even though we may try to deny it.

There are several online adaptive clothing sites that offer alterations and adaptive clothing. This usually means shoulder snap, back fastening clothing, sweat style clothing with elastic waists and side zippers in pants.

Large buttons, snaps and open front or pull over style with large necks and arms are some modification methods used for clothing.

Choose the right outfit, have it made personally for you and then be ready to “WOW” your friends and family.

As I have said before get your measuring tape ready and measure, measure, measure!

Your friend,

Marcie Slack

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