All Terrain Wheelchair

This innovative all terrain wheelchair came about for needy wheelchair users in developing countries. The frame is 150% longer than the average frame. This length decreases the risk of forward loss of balance when going over curbs, etc. Falling forward is the number one cause of wheelchair injuries.

The front casters were developed in Zimbabwe and allow users to roll over grass, mud, rocks and even lightly packed sand. The wide flex style casters eliminate flats and absorb shock. The back tires are puncture resistant allowing the user to travel over rough ground, perfect for off road adventures.

The back has ten adjustable tension straps to accommodate a wide range of users. The upholstery is washable as well as the whole chair is friendly to river banks, beaches and hoses.

The RoughRider® is tested to double the industry's standard for durability. The rear axle has five adjustments for 80 mm of adjustment for optimal center of gravity and balance.

The x-frame allows for easy folding and storage in cars, buses, closets. The seat angle is designed for comfort and safety during sudden stops.

The camber gives 3 degrees of wheel tilt gives ergonomic push rim placement and improved lateral stability. The foot rest has a toe protection frame.

Parts are readily available for this all terrain wheelchair. Tires, tubes, bearings, hardware, and wheel parts are easy to find and repair locally in bicycle shops, motorcycle shops, and hardware stores around the world.

Who is Whirlwind International?

They are a non-profit enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries around the world. Their goal is for every person who needs a wheelchair to be able to obtain one so that all individuals can have as much personal independence as possible while being a part of society. Not only do they make this happen they also encourage feedback to improve the design and user friendly wheelchairs so that each user has an appropriate wheelchair for his or her respective environment.

For thirty years in over 40 countries they have focused on producing durable, low-cost, and highly functional all terrain wheelchairs. The RoughRider® is used by 25,000 riders traveling over every terrain from muddy village paths to rough pot-holed urban streets.


The RoughRider®wheelchair is new to the United States consumer and is reasonably priced. If you are a US citizen and purchase one for yourself you are also purchasing one for someone in need from another country. Does it get any better than this?

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