Bathtub Lifts

The primary function of bathtub lifts is to provide you with a method of lowering and raising into the tub so bathing can be done in a safe manner. You use a waterproof remote to raise and lower the bath chair lift. The manufacturers have added the safety feature on most lifts that if the battery does not have enough charge to lift you out you will not be able to use the lift to lower yourself into the tub. Some power chairs are operated on battery with an AC charger and some use water as their power source.

Most chairs have suction cups that hold the chair in place in the tub. Some have additional wall suction cups or straps that help to hold the chair in place.

Benefits of Bathing

Why take a bath when there are shower chairs? The benefits of bathing, hmm... Well, how about relaxation, escaping everyday stress, decreasing the pain of an achy back or sore muscles. The benefits are numerous. Bathtub lift chairs are the solution to the problem.

It is only when you can't get up and down out of the tub anymore that it has become a chore. Bath salts help keep your skin softer and smoother, not to mention the fact that the aroma from some is appealing to your senses. In addition salt is a water softener allowing your soap to do its job of cleaning your skin, ridding yourself of the germs, dirt and sweat.

It doesn't matter what type of work you may do, most people enjoy a relaxing warm soak in the tub.

Chair Features

There are several styles and features available. There are a few key things to consider when looking at a bathtub lift chair. The first is its size, it will not only need to fit in the tub, but you must be able to fit into the tub also. The second is that it will support your weight safely. A third feature is the battery charge-will it have enough so that you don't get stuck? Last, will it be in the way for other family members and can it be easily removed?

Solid construction is considered more important than portability. If your tub has a textured or bubble surface the suction cups will not adhere securely to the tub surface. Also, you will need to know if the battery can be replaced or if you will need to purchase a new control once it is no longer able to retain a charge.

Water Powered Tub Lifts

The hoyer water powered bathtub lift requires no batteries. It uses ordinary household water pressure (as little as 20 PSI) to raise and lower you into the tub. It connects directly to your existing bath fixtures, weighs less that 20 lbs., and can lift up to 200 lbs.

Premium Bath Lifts

Premium bathtub lifts use a hand control with large, waterproof buttons, have suction cup feet, easily disassemble so you can move it from one location to another or store it away when not in use.

Optional features include a swivel slide, chest and lap harness, head rest, reclining back, removable back and seat covers and floating hand controls.

Battery charges range from 7 -18 uses before needing to recharge. Keep your charging unit away from water, it is a good idea to charge the power unit in another room.

Walk-In Tubs

Although more expensive, walk-in tubs are yet another option for bathing beyond the bed bath and shower.

Walk-in tubs are ideal for individuals with limited mobility with the basic bath having a step height of only five to six inches to get through the doorway. This style is ideal to replace your existing bathtub.

The walk-in tubs allow you to bathe independently and privately. There are models that feature a bench seat that you may sit upright while bathing, making it easier to stand back up when you are ready. There is a deep water tub measuring 46 inches tall, allowing for a relaxing full bath experience. The low step height of 6 inches and the 17 inch ADA compliant seat ensure your safety when you enter and exit as well as during bathing.

A larger model can be purchased, fitting in the standard tub space, for taller users who want to enjoy the security of a walk in tub, but want a fuller soaking tub. Again, the seat is ADA compliant and the stepping height is only 6.25 inches.

See the latest Walk-In Baths at US Medical Supplies. Because they provide customer service 7 days a week, you are assured they there to help you.


Bathtub lifts are a great way to still enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing bath without feeling like you may get stuck in the tub or slip and fall getting in or out. Keep in mind the space available, if it will fit in your tub and leave room for you, and if you can easily operate the remote.

If your budget allows for a remodel and you still would like the luxurious feeling of a bath there are several styles of walk in tubs to choose from. The choice is yours.

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