Outdoor Power Chairs

Have you ever felt limited by the standard outdoor power chairs? Do you like the fresh air and excitement an outdoor adventure like hunting has in store for you? Can't get to where you want to go with your current chair? If the the answer is yes, then read on for more information about the latest in outdoor power.

There are chairs that can go through mud, sand, snow, water, are two and four wheel drive and can handle just about anything you want.

They can climb stairs while you remain seated. Just imagine what you can do and where you can go with this technology.

The 4x4 all terrain power wheelchair can turn on a short radius. It has automatic digitally programmed vertical seating that helps you maintain a vertical position at all times. Whether climbing a hill or going down a hill the driver maintains a vertical position.

Outdoor Power Plus Stair Climbing

Another 4x4 outdoor power chair has the ability to climb stairs of up to 6 inches with a 36 degree incline. The power chair has a gyroscopic seat and self leveling rack. This unique feature allows the user to remain upright when going up or down stairs or slopes.

Experience off road terrain with an all terrain mid wheel drive wheelchair. It has 4 pole DC motors, a full six wheel articulated suspension frame, speeds up to 6.5 mph and is highly maneuverable.

These outdoor power chairs have the latest in design, including tilt in space, power elevating leg rests, power recline, power elevating seat, and tilt in space with power recline. A variety of accessories make these chairs customizable for ultimate performance. Color choices, head rests, arm rests, lateral trunk supports, tire options, luggage racks and more are available.

Another unique outdoor wheelchair uses a track system instead of wheels to conquer a variety of terrains. This mobility vehicle has a track system that will allow you to cross boards, cables, cords, ruts, and most any object less that four inches high. The tracks may be operated in full flat position for snow or mud and half track for normal running in grass and sand. It also can operate indoors on smooth surfaces and carpeting.

As with any outdoor power equipment, power wheelchair users should take safety precautions to travel the outdoors.

Off Road Driving Tips

Driving On Sand

It is possible to drive an outdoor power chair on many types of soft and hard sand, however the climbing ability of the chair may be reduced in some angles of very soft sand. It is important when driving on sand not to have too low of a speed. Should any of the wheels start to skid or slip on the sand, continue driving as they will gain traction as the chair moves along.

Driving On Snow

It is possible to drive your power chair on snow covered surfaces, however this can be a dangerous situation. Never drive the chair at an angle across a snow covered surface. Always drive the chair at a slower speed.

Driving Down Steep Slopes

Before driving down a steep slope, if your chair is equipped with a tilt-in-space seat, tilt the seat back to roughly the angle of the slope. This will assist you in going down the slope in a comfortable sitting position and will add grip to the rear of the chair. If your chair is not equipped with tilt-in-space, make sure you are sitting as far back in the seat as possible and that your upper body will not fall forward. Never try driving down a slope that makes you feel unsafe. Always drive straight down a slope, or at a very slight angle if necessary. Do not drive across a steep slope since it is possible to tip the chair over in this situation.

Climbing Steep Slopes

Before driving up a steep slope, if your outdoor power chair is equipped with a tilt-in-space seat or power recline backrest, ensure both are in the fully upright position. Always drive straight up a steep slope. Avoid driving sideways up a steep slope. If possible shift your weight to the front of the chair as this will help the front wheels maintain traction. Should the front wheels start to lose traction continue to drive up the slope at a steady and safe speed. The rear wheels will continue to steer and power the chair.

Obstacle Climbing

The outdoor power chair will climb numerous obstacles, but also has some limiting functions to ensure some level of safety. Due to the center frame height there will be some limit as to the height of obstacles that you can climb over. This does not mean that obstacle climbing is limited to this. It means that obstacles greater than this cannot pass directly under the chair. When climbing obstacles, be very careful to not tip the chair over.

Driving Through Mud Or Water

It is possible to drive the chair through limited depths of water or mud, but great care must be taken to ensure that you do not become stuck or the chair damaged. Recommendations are to not drive your chair through more that 2 inches of water or mud. When driving through water, keep the speed low, and if possible drive the chair slowly over a dry surface when exiting the water to limit the amount of water that may splash under the chair.

Allowing water to enter the electronics, wiring, motors or joystick will cause damage to these systems and should be avoided. When driving through mud, keep the speed of the chair at a moderate pace, so as not to allow the wheels to spin excessively or slow down too much. Driving through water or mud should only be done on flat areas. Continued use in salt water will cause excessive corrosion, avoid this at all times.


It is best to have a friend with you when you go on your outdoor adventures. As with any outdoor power and off road vehicles, accidents can and do happen. Never try anything alone and check with your outdoor power chair provider before you buy. Many times these chairs are made specifically for the end user in mind.

Whether you enjoy the beach, like to hunt or fish, or just need to do chores around the farm there are outdoor power chairs that are just right for your specific activity.

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