People In Wheelchairs: Functionality To Individuality

People in wheelchairs have been around for years and the wheelchair was initially developed to get people from one place to another. As technology progressed disabled individuals are now more than ever able to integrate into society and work.

Who better to tell the story than someone from a personal point of view? For a better understanding and a multitude of helpful ideas discover what Fritz has to say about Wheelchair LIFE.

Americans With Disabilities Act

The US government has passed the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA has requirements for ensuring equal opportunity with people in wheelchairs in employment. Regulations for state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation and establishment of communication systems are just some of the things covered in this act.

Customization is easier now than ever before. As with any technology, past thoughts and recommendations are being rethought as pressure mapping and trial and error of old ways make way for new ones.

People in wheelchairs are able to find custom-made high quality ultra-light performance wheelchairs as well as accessories that enable them to individualize their look and style.

Push Rims

It wasn't until the 20th century that push rims for self propulsion, folding wheelchairs, lightweight and sports chairs saw rapid development and change. This recent change has enabled people in wheelchairs to customize them to fit their lifestyles from work to the paralympics.

Performance and Comfort

Customization means a better fit for the person in the wheelchair depending upon their physical needs, improved performance, and self expression of style and image. Small modifications to the standard design wheelchair can make the difference between a young mother being able to care for her young family to dependence upon others to assist her in her daily activities.

No two individuals are alike, even though they may have the same diagnoses, their lifestyles and personal performance varies greatly. The standard wheelchairs are not always the right answer for everyone.

Customization for performance is usually the main reason users seek a company that can take care of their special needs. Did you ever wonder about dancers with limited motor control? How about the tennis player who needs increased power for arm and body movements – a simple seat adjustment can make it possible. What about impact sports? These participants need a design that can take a hit without damaging the player or the wheelchair.

Customization can also improve the comfort of everyday users, with frames that can be made to fit like a glove. They are usually lighter and perform better. Most wheelchairs are made with adjustable brackets to hold the frame together, therefore, the prefabricated chair can be adjusted for different sizes and requirements. Customized wheelchairs are made to fit the individual that they are built for. The frames are usually welded, so they must be designed correctly by an experienced professional.

Being lighter due to the weld than their counterparts with brackets, they usually perform better since propulsion energy from the push may be lost in small movements with the brackets.

Customization can be as simple as the paint on the frame to an all out style with spinners on the wheels, customizable upholstery and all the accessories an active individual wants or needs for their particular lifestyle.

Society Responsibilities

These most recent advances in wheelchair design have made integration into society much easier for people in wheelchairs. However, it is not solely the wheelchair that makes participation in society easier. Society has to do their part by providing ramps, doors, access to public transportation, and other infrastructure accommodations that the ambulatory citizen enjoys.

Americans are fortunate to live in a country that is progressive and trying to improve their surrounding environment.

There are many people in wheelchairs living in other countries where users are limited and may be unable to leave their own homes due to the lack of access.

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