Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories can be personalized and allow you to carry your personal items, read, write, drink or eat, carry your oxygen tank, cane or walker, attach an umbrella to protect you from the sun or rain when outdoors, to gloves to protect your hands.

There are numerous accessories available to keep your personal items close at hand for all your needs. The item that comes to mind most often is the wheelchair bag or backpack. Like all the other accessories there are many styles to choose from depending upon your specific needs.

Wheelchair Bags Or Backpacks

There are some differences between the types. The totes are a smaller bag and can be stored under your seat or attached to the arm of your wheelchair. Under seat storage

allows storage where there usually is none. Here you can keep your personal and valuable items in a secure place and out of sight.

Packs allow you to carry personal items such as books and groceries and most fit on the back of your wheelchair seat or on the hand grips.

Side or Arm Pouches hold smaller items such as combs/hairbrushes, wallets, eyeglasses, cell phones and electronic remotes; things you want to keep close at hand. Most often used by manual wheelchair users and hang on the outside of the arm rests with a Velcro© hook and loop style fastener. Backpacks are designed to hang on the back of your wheelchair using adjustable straps and can be used on manual wheelchairs, power chairs or scooters. They range from single pockets to several compartments to carry and store items.

Monster wheelchair bags are great for shopping, laundry, etc. and have a frame which allows the bag to remain open. They can fit scooter seat backs and wheelchairs with push handles.

Oxygen Tank Holders

Before purchasing this wheelchair accessory you will need to know the size of your oxygen tank. There are generally two basic styles. One is made of chrome and the other of durable weatherproof nylon. The tank sized used most often is the D or E size, these are the larger sizes. The smaller ones are becoming more popular with users for short trips away from home for a few hours. Depending upon your oxygen use will determine which size of tank you use.

There are pulse dose and continuous flow style regulators. The pulse dose gives you oxygen when you breathe in and the continuous flow runs all the time.

The chrome style holders are generally for the larger D or E size cylinders and attaches to the back frame of the manual style wheelchair.

The heavy duty nylon tank holders come in many sizes, holding two smaller tanks or one small tank and extra tubing, masks, etc.

The larger holder is designed to be offset so it does not interfere with the wheelchair users head or back.

Drink Holders

There are several different styles on the market and are soft or solid, attach with Velcro style straps, clamps or clip on to the wheelchair arm frame. Some are adjustable in diameter and at different angles.


Wheelchair accessories include several styles of trays that you can purchase. Depending upon your specific need one may work better than the other for you. There are half lap trays and full trays which provide a solid surface for writing using your laptop computer or eating. Some trays mount by sliding over the arm rests and some use universal hook and loop straps.

Materials that they are made out of can be wood, plastic, and Lexan, which is a tough and versatile polymer made by GE.

Another style of lap tray is one that has a slight curve to the style, has a bean bag like bottom with a waist strap and sits on your lap.

There are trays for manual and power chair users alike.

Clothing Guards

Clothes guards keep clothes from rubbing against the wheelchair tires and becoming caught or getting dirty. They slip on over the sleeves of your shirts and blouses.

Weather chaps are available to protect your legs from getting cold or wet, just slip your feet into the bottom pocket and slide them up over your legs to stay warm and dry.

Ponchos keep you dry and fit over your head; some cover your wheelchair as well.

Wheelchair Covers

Wheelchair covers protect your wheelchair, power chair or scooter from the elements while travelling or if needing to be stored in an open area.


There are numerous wheelchair accessories to personalize your chair. Backpacks and bags to carry personal items, oxygen tank holders, lap trays to use for writing or eating, clothing guards and wheelchair covers. You should be able to find most any accessory for your wheelchair.

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