Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are generally used for entrance and exits for homes, buildings or the community and take up more space. Lifts are used when you need to lift or raise a wheelchair from the ground up to 25 feet in the air, normally used for placing a chair into a vehicle.

There are a wide variety of ramps from portable ramps for homes and vans to stand alone ramps for entry into public facilities for people in wheelchairs to those with difficulty walking.

Safe Ramp Design

A ramp that is steeper than one inch of height to twelve inches of distance may cut costs, however, is more dangerous to anyone using it. If the ramp is too steep people cannot always use it independently and it can be the cause of falls with serious injuries.

Do not build a ramp that is less that 1 inch vertical to 12 inch horizontal unless you are left with no other alternatives. Safety and independence are far more important than short-term savings or having too little space.

Ramps can be made from wood, steel, concrete or aluminum. Depending upon your choice of material you may need to file for a building permit. If so, then your property will be reassessed for taxes.

Single Fold Portable Ramp

These folding ramps are made from strong, lightweight aluminum making them the perfect wheelchair ramp for traveling. The weight of these portable wheelchair ramps range from 10 pounds to 22 pounds depending upon the length. These lightweight wheelchair ramps are 30 inches wide and can hold up to 300 pounds per single axle.

Multifold Portable Ramp

These wheelchair ramps fold up and carry like a suitcase. Just fold and go. The portable ramps have a high traction tape on the surface. The folding ramp unfolds to a 30 inch wide platform that is ideal for wheelchairs and scooters with three or four wheels.

Solid Ramp

The solid ramp is an excellent choice when a more permanent handicap ramp is desired. No assembly required. Its one-piece design makes it ideal for wheelchairs and scooters with three or four wheels. This handicap ramp is constructed of aluminum or steel and has a slip resistant surface.

Threshold Ramp

The small threshold ramps are designed for doorways. These ramps are available in 8-24 inch lengths by 32 inches wide. Threshold ramp surfaces have anti-slip, high traction safety tape and are lightweight yet durable.

Bariatric Ramp

The bariatric ramp can be as wide as 48 inches. This ramp supports up to 800 pounds.

Rear Door Van Ramp

The rear door van ramp mounts to the floor of the vehicle. This wheelchair ramp is perfect for loading and unloading empty scooters and wheelchairs from the back of your van.

Side Door Van Ramp

The side door van ramp folds into quarters leaving half of the door opening accessible. This ramp is mounted to the floor of the van. It stores vertically inside the door when not in use. The van ramp unfolds to a full platform making it ideal for wheelchairs and scooters. There is high traction tape on the surface of the van ramp.

Utility Ramp

The utility ramp offers all of the features of the multifold ramp and more. With the new extended hook, you can now clear the bumper on your vehicle for rear door entry use. This new vehicle rear door utility ramp has the new center joint design to eliminate pinch points and adds strength to the highest stress area of the ramp.

Modular Ramp

This is a modular ramp system, for both home access and commercial use. The ramp system consists of standard components that can be assembled quickly and easily with common hand tools. The modular components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 90 degree turns, and 180 degree switchbacks are designed to meet ADA recommendations. The handrails also provide the extra security that you may need when walking up or down a wheelchair ramp.

Long Tread, Low Rise Steps

Low rise steps may be the solution to your answer if a wheelchair ramp is not what will work for you. Always consider the users, if the wheelchair user cannot propel themselves and will be reliant on someone else then long tread, low rise steps may work best for you.

Use the same method to go up and down as when approaching a curb, always face up, and back down. These steps are wide enough to allow a wheelchair or walker to fully fit on the step.

Anyone who is able to walk, especially people with lower limb loss, a walker, cane or crutches will find these steps easy to access.

Rental Ramps

Why would you need to rent a ramp? You may need a ramp during your rehabilitation for only a few months, or have visitors or guests coming for a short stay, maybe a wedding or special event you are hosting doesn't have a ramp. There are companies who rent ramps. General time for a rental would be less than six months. If you need a ramp for longer, then some companies are willing to a apply a percentage of the rental cost to the purchase price.


There are different ramps for different purposes. Consider where you need the ramp to be. Your ramp should enable you to be independent and safe, whether across a door threshold or taking your scooter or wheelchair with you when you get in your vehicle. There are ramps made from wood, steel, aluminum and concrete.

Vehicle ramps come in several sizes-some are small and fold while others slide and hide in the vehicle floor.

Whether a homeowner or business owner your choice of materials and aesthetics will guide you in your final selection. Of course, ADA compliance is always a part of the final decision.

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